Chongging Fenshare Holding Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and international holding company integrating investment management, industrial manufacturing, hotel management, trade logistics and asset operation. Its enterprises are located in more than ten cities of China and Europe, with more than 20,000 employees worldwide and an annual output value of nearly 30 billion yuan.

Why Do We Love Chongqing? Ep. 5: Open Future Gathers Pace

Chongqing is far from the coast and international borders, yet it produces 40 percent of all notebook computers worldwide. Despite the pandemic challenges, imports and exports in Chongqing broke a historical record of $100 billion in 2020. How was this achieved? James from CGTN will take you on a journey to understand the business environment and opening up process in Chongqing.

2020 SSBICom

The 2020 SSBICom received 53 applications. 24 applicant projects were selected into the final round and some of the winning projects have set up their presence in SSTP.

2018 SSBICom:Hanser Consulting & ANGroup

Hanser Consulting AG & ANGroup GmbH,both organizations have 25+ years of executive management and consulting experience with large as well as medium and small sized enterprises. They support local teams for collaboration across the organization for effective cross-sectoral functions in five key areas: team-based organizational transformation, transformation project incubator, high-impact team set-
uma forte cultura de empreendedorismo, procuramosdias novos desafios e oportunidades.
uma forte cultura de empreendedorismo, procuramos todos os dias novos desafios e oportunidades
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